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Epsom Allsorts is all about encouraging women to feel a sense of achievement through running, but most of all it is about having fun, supporting and encouraging each other to achieve personal running goals whatever they may be. Our main aim is to provide the opportunity for women to run in a supportive, friendly and sociable environment.

If you are female, whether you are a seriously competitive runner, a social runner who just runs for health, a runner who is on a running discovery trip or new to running, we are the club for you. We warmly welcome all new members, whatever their age or ability. The only requirement is that you must be able to cover a distance of 3 to 5 miles (5 to 8 km) at whatever pace you choose. If you have been running on your own and want to run with other like minded females you are welcome to try a couple of runs with us before you join. We have a wide range of pace groups to suit all abilities, with pauses to re-group where needed. Just pick the group with the pace that best suits you.

To encourage more women to take up running, we also run an annual beginners programme. These programmes are designed to introduce complete novices to the joys of running with the goal of being able to run 5 miles (8 km) by the end of 14 weeks.

We run coached speed training sessions for anyone who wants to improve and push themselves to the limits of their ability in a supportive and friendly environment. Many of our runners who regularly attend the speed training sessions have noticed a significant improvement in their race times.

We hope that from this website you will find all the information you are looking for on our club from the running side to the social side, how to join and get involved, our weekly schedule of training and information about running events, as well as our own local ladies only race, the Hogsmill 5.

Privacy Policy & Club Rules

A copy of the Epsom Allsorts Privacy Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

A copy of the Epsom Allsorts Club Rules can be viewed by clicking here.

Top left to bottom right: Pam, Sandra, Sally, Breda, Angela, Gemma, Debbie, Louise, Andrea & Jeanette

Main Committee


You can contact the Club at info@epsomallsorts.org.uk or the specific emails as listed below.


Chair - Louise Acher


Vice Chair - Andrea Glenn


Secretary - Jeanette Skipp


Treasurer - Tracy Murphy


Social - Tina Woodford social@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Interims - Angela Whittingham


Website - Debbie Gossington admin@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Facebook - TBC facebook@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Kit - Caroline Merritt kit@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Membership - Sandra Smith membership@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Race Results & Promotion - Breda Leyne results@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Members without portfolio - Pam Richardson & Sally Rogers


Race Committee


Race Committee - Janet Cunningham, Lucy Duly, Rhianna Edwards, Tracey Edwards, Claire Elam,

Karen Frost, Nina Porter and Mayuri Patel



Other Positions within the Club




Relays - Helen Baker relay@epsomallsots.org.uk


Cross Country - Emily Smith xcountry@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Newsletter - Debbie Gossington & Breda Leyne newsletter@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Beginners - Rhianna Edwards & Angela Whittingham beginners@epsomallsorts.org.uk


Track - Mick Larkin & Barbara Cousens



Committee Meetings


There are 7 committee meetings each year, the dates of the meetings for 2019 are set out below:


Monday 14 January

Tuesday 26 February

Wednesday 10 April

Thursday 23 May

Monday 1 July

Tuesday 6 August

Wednesday 4 September


If you have anything you would like to bring up,

or if you are interested in joining the committee please let us know at